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Using the website

Use of the site is subject to the terms and conditions of use. Please read the rules and conditions of use
of the site, because it will be considered that you have read and accepted it using the site. Using the
website is expressly conditioned on compliance with all terms of this agreement, to the exclusion of all
other terms. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of use of the site, please do not use the site.

The site is available for anyone who has an interest in this area, with no age limit.
The program process is realized online. The necessary material for monitoring the program is delivered to
users on the online platform after the payment is made. The username and password are opened in the
name of the candidate who applied for the program and the user has the right to access his profile with a
maximum of two devices without a time limit. It is strictly forbidden to pass this information to a third
person. The entire material of the Master-make up program is protected by copyright, and any misuse will
be sanctioned immediately.
The user of the program is obliged to inform the Master-make up about changes in all personal data
during participation in the programs.
The use of materials and services is the personal responsibility of the user.
Master-make up reserves the right to suspend the user’s order that does not comply with the above

Technical support
Each participant will receive written instructions for using the online program. For any assistance in using
the platform, the user can contact by sending an email to info@master-makeup.com. We strive to
respond to the user within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

Notification of participants can be done:
By e-mail
Via the Master-make up website

Master-make up respects the privacy of each site visitor. Because we collect certain information about
users through this site, please familiarize yourself with our terms and the way we process that
We use the information we collect when registering for events, sending files for analysis, subscribing to
our newsletter or through questionnaires for the following:
-improvement of our site
-improvement of our services
-sending e-mails for the purpose of informing about news and actions.
During your visit to the site, we may collect your personal information necessary to set up your account.
We use your personal information only to enable us to provide you with the products and services you

  • in order to satisfy your requirements, or to adjust our offer to you,
  • to improve the operation of the Website, and to establish contact with you, to improve our advertising
    and promotional results, to improve our offer of products or services on the market, as well as to
    cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
    We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties, for their marketing purposes, without first
    giving you the opportunity to opt out of this option. However, we may disclose your information to our
    business units and partners, which are part of this Privacy Policy.
    We will never and under no circumstances misuse your personal information. Your personal information
    is stored in a secure and confidential manner, and processed in a lawful manner in accordance with this
    privacy policy. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against
    unauthorized and unlawful access to and processing of your personal data, including the encryption of
    your information. We will retain your information for as long as necessary to process your account, your
    payment, refund your funds, respond to your complaint or provide you with the promotional information
    you have applied for.

A cookie is information stored on your computer by a website you visit. Cookies usually store your
settings, settings for a website, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the
same website again, the internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page. This allows
the site to recognize you and display information tailored to your needs. If you do not want our website to
have access to your cookies, you can block them. Most web browsers allow you to block cookies. You
can do this through the Settings of your web browser.
Master-make up does not take any responsibility for errors of the customer, products purchased
incorrectly or any other errors related to your actions when buying on the website and in cases of
advertising is not possible. If you have any irregularities in the purchase of the program on the website or
have not received the purchased program, please contact the customer service info@master-
makeup.com. and we will do our best to rectify the irregularities in order to get the purchased program.

If you want to start the advertising process, you need to contact info@master-makeup.com. with a
request for reclamation.

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