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Almost a decade ago, I entered the world of make-up as a hobby. Shortly after completing the corrective make-up course, out of curiosity, I moved into the world of theater and film, which led to the creating of the mask.

In addition to myriad of ladies who has trusted me on the day of special events such as weddings, graduations and other celebrations, I have my signature on numerous commercials, music videos, movies, editorials, lookbooks and fashion shows.

For many years I worked in the field of sales and presentation of decorative cosmetics and I had opportunity to try different products, textures, colors and types; to get well informed about the needs of consumers, to hear their comments, beauty rituals, expectations; to meet different face shapes, skin types; I had the opportunity to research and compare products of different brands, to follow the trends of the beauty industry.



As a presenter, I participated in several master classes of some leading make-up brands, but also, independently, with the aim of bringing this area closer to the public.

Holding a Master Degree in Painting, this profession has enabled me to extend my field of creative work and expression – the face as a three-dimensional picture image.

Special satisfaction comes from a smile of a customer that radiates with confidence and
unique beauty.

This platform represents communication with fans of the field of beautification, sharing my experiences and views on the beauty show and thank you for your interest. From
project to project, I will try to bring you closer to every aspect of this area and gain your trust. I look forward to the journey that follows…


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