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Master Make Up is a platform created with the purpose for expanding knowledge about the rules and
trends in the world of Beauty.

You will have the opportunity to get familiar with the norms that help build the most logical, natural and
flattering look, respecting the anatomy and facial features, hair, skin, eyes and lips, which are
imperishable, as well as the rules regarding adequate product selection.


Although the written word and drawings cannot completely replace the living teaching of make-up, I decided to collect all the norms and advice that I have heard or understood for ten years of learning and working and that I am propagating.


For a start, it is best to get acquainted with the basics in the electronic guide “About make up”, and later
with the following extended areas in which you will see a detailed description of each region.

love your Self

Life is hard.

The face is like a white canvas. Makeup is a color that determines the mood of your masterpiece.

Everything a real artist creates comes from the soul. Love, pain and happiness are expressed through every work created with colors.

The same goes for makeup on the face.



Don’t forget – you are beautiful just the way you are!

Makeup is fun that affects mood and self-confidence. Practice it when you are in the mood for it!

Don’t be enslaved to this habit! Practice to be better and faster! Choose your place for makeup.

Don’t be subject to any trends, but don’t wear makeup the same way all your life! If you get bored of something, change a product and you will get the desire for applying make up again!

Don’t bother with YouTube, but if you like video tutorials, find an influencer who has a similar character to yours and with whom you share similar affinities.

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